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Materials Development Approach

Bala Books Creation’s team has 2 years’ collective experience in materials development, production and management. Our team has produced hundreds of titles for various schools and organizations. Bala Books Creations processes have been streamlined over the past year to ensure that quality end products are produced within reasonable timeframes.

Project and Production Management

Bala adopts a consultative approach, in which we work closely with the client to ensure that the final product completely meets the mutually determined objectives. We build in levels of approval to ensure that consultation is sufficient.

Reporting Mechanism

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project to ensure that you have a single contact point. Our project manager will be the liaison between the our production team and our client (communication will be done on a face to face basis and also telephonically or via email. The project manager will also ensure that schedules are presented and adhered to).

Language and Editing

Bala books Creations has a dedicated team of editors who ensure that the published content is of the highest quality, taking into account the target audience and the literacy level. The final document supplied by us will be edited for accurate content, style and grammar.

Illustrations, Graphics and Photographs

These are all crucial elements in any publication. Bala Books Creations works with a range of artists, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers who have produced quality work for many of our projects. An artwork or photography brief is given with regard to gender, race, age, activity, setting and props. It is important, particularly in a South African setting, that photographs and illustrations are racially demographically representative. We also take into account the need to have disabled people or older people represented.

Design and Layout

Bala has an in-house production department dedicated to providing our clients with an efficient DTP service. Our equipment and software is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that we keep up with technology. We use Adobe CS4, which includes In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as Quark 5.


It is important to decide upfront if translations into other languages are required. The design of the book will then take this into account, in terms of amount of text per page, what fonts to choose and what colours to use. It is also essential that the final English book is signed off first to avoid extra costs down the line.
Bala Books Creations outsources translation work and the quality is ensured through the following process:

  • Translation of main version
  • Editing of above by a second independent translator in each language
  • Proofreading of above in pdf format by the original translator in each language (at least 2 rounds)

Our Sponsorship programs

Educational Sponsorship programs:

Bala Book Creations™ has taken on the initiative to help further the education levels of the people in South Africa. We do this by setting aside set amounts of money, from each book purchased and donate that money in the form of sponsorships for students to gain a tertiary education, as well as stationery supplies and equipment supplied to primary and high schools that lack the funding needed to acquire these supplies themselves.

Our country needs to focus on skills development and education, and Bala will begin with an internship program to develop students lacking the marks to enter tertiary education, and integrate these people into the printing and binding industry in which we operate.