our Products

Designing and creation of Personalised Commemorative Albooks ®

Here we write and publish people’s personal story books. We use the concept of merging the imagery of photographic albums, and personalized text from your biography to create an Albook ®, a personal archive of your life's history.

Graduation Albooks for University students

Graduation Albooks are designed to capture your tertiary experiences from your first year until your graduation year. This special Albook documents your life story and all the events leading up to your graduation. This very special keepsake has more to tell about your graduation than just a picture and a certificate.

Matric Dance Albooks for students

Finally your Matric Dance Farewell gets the recognition it deserves! This fun Albook is all about your matric dance and banquet and the years of hard work that led up to this well deserved occasion.  Every student now has the opportunity to photographically capture their matric dance evening and document their experiences each year from grade 8 right up to matric.

Publishing of books

We also publish various types of books and regular marketing campaigns are done to promote the books we publish.

Quality Assurance

Control measures to be put in place and adhered to at Bala Books Creations offices include:

  • Communicating through all stages of production and getting approval from the client before making any final decisions
  • Comparing samples of booklet and agreeing to one particular sample to be worked on to ensure that the end product meets the client’s expectations.
  • Packaging of booklets will be done in a manner which will prevent damaging from salts and liquids from place of departure to place of delivery.

Production and Methodology: steps taken to meet deliverables

  • Conceptualization
  • Text capture/gallery edit
  • Edit/proof in layout
  • Printer proofing
  • Writing
  • Translations
  • Design cover
  • Illustrations
  • Photograph prep
  • Scan search
  • Scanning/repro
  • Design text
  • DTP Layout
  • DTP Corrections
  • Ready for repro
  • Archiving/back-up
  • Client management
  • Traffic
  • Colour proofs