This is our story

BALA BOOKS CREATIONS is a license holding publishing company of Albooks ® and a proud dealer of CREATE-A-BOOK South Africa™ for personalized children story books. We use the concept of merging the imagery of photographic albums, and personalized text from your biography to create an Albook ®-A photographically illustrated story book about important parts of your life, creating a personal archive of your life's history.


BALA, derived from Balaram is Sanskrit meaning STRENGTH. The phonetic meanings in Sotho are to READ and in Zulu to WRITE. We believe that our STRENGTH comes from being able to READ and WRITE.


Everyone has a unique life story. A journey undertaken from the day one is born, until the day they pass on from this world. Our vision is to capture this personal life story, and bind it forever in written word, creating a timeless script, a script that documents this incredible adventure of life, and the many small things that we normally forget. We want to publish your story!

Mission Statement

Using our expert creative design, editing, digital printing and binding departments, we strive to supply media in the form of published articles about parts your life, to provide people with their very own personal story, autobiography and records of your life history. We are the publishers of the people, who are all authors of their own lives..